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Thanks to the support of your Council, Peak Sporting Body or Government Agency, Sports Community is able to offer you FREE access to your very own Club Spot. Club Spot is an incredible online support system for community sports clubs.

Registrants are offered:


How would it feel to have access the support you needed to make volunteering and running your sports club easy, efficient and a team effort?

Access to printable worksheets, checklists, letter samples, templates and more to help ease your workload and save you time!

You will be provided ongoing monthly email support guiding you through all of the important tasks that need to be completed for your club during that specific time of the season. We will provide easy to follow checklists to ensure no job is missed and each task will be linked to the best resource available in the country, to help you complete the task. An example of some of the tasks include, prepare and hold your AGM, hold your committee meeting, check your first aid kit is stocked and check your equipment.


Why Club Spot?

Access to any other specific documents or links that your Council, Peak Sporting Body or Government Agency choose to store on Club Spot.

Access to our online library of training resources including video training.

and More.

This is what you will find inside Club Spot.

Email Support.

Is helping to run your club taking up all of your spare time?

Are you feeling overwhelmed or lonely trying to figure it out on your own?

Feeling frustrated and tired from doing all of the work yourself?

Nervous about what steps to take and what decisions to make?

Has running your club become stressful?

Sports Community is here to help.

"I have really enjoyed the training sessions and found them valuable and informative. It has captured some real challenges that are faced by the sporting community with some simple yet effective skills to pass onto our clubs."

- Therrie

Could this be your club?

THIS is our vision for all of the clubs and volunteers we work with and it is actually much easier than most people realise!

How would it feel to help your club head in the right direction with the skills to be able to engage your club community to help? Pretty awesome? Well this is what Club Spot offers!

Club Spot offers the resources, training and support needed to help create this picture at your club!

Clubs that find themselves short on volunteers, with declining membership numbers, having challenges fundraising and gaining sponsorship and inconsistent communication are only seasons away from becoming like so many Australian sports clubs in this climate, with "burnt-out" volunteers, a stressed and tense club culture or even worse, unable to continue.

Have you ever seen a thriving club that seems to always have large numbers, great sponsors, loads of volunteers, great events and a fantastic team culture and thought, “I wonder how they do it?” or “How do they have enough people to help?" or "they must know a secret".

Well the great news is that this level of success is possible for every club when equipped with the knowledge, skills and plan for success.

Increase membership numbers year on year.

Communicate effectively with minimal volunteer hours .

Have long term sponsors knocking down their doors to re-sign .

Have a welcoming and inclusive club culture where everyone plays a part in the success and growth of their club .

There are many clubs that manage to:

Some groups of clubs currently using Club Spot include:

Trusted by sporting groups Australia-wide.

Who is Club Spot for?

The Club Spot is for any president, committee member,club leader or volunteer who would like to know the most effective way to run a sports club, how this can be applied to their club and how they can help develop a culture of volunteering that will minimise the volunteer hours and stress on those currently helping out.

"Aside from sharing their own extensive knowledge, Sports Community's training is a fantastic way to engage with others in the industry and hear case studies of what has worked in other clubs and sporting organisations. I have taken more than one new idea out of each session and there is always a great balance of practical tips that you can utilise straight away, and thought-provoking concepts that lead to new thinking."

- Emma

What's included in Club Spot?

Maximising Your Fundraising Checklist

Marketing and Communications Checklist

Risk Management Checklist


Critical Club Information Checklist

Marketing Your Club Through Traditional and Social Media Checklist

One Day Carnival Checklist


Seasonal Fixtures Checklist


Tournament Checklist

Strategic Planning Template

Empowering Committee Members

All You Need to Know About Fundraising

Using Facebook for your Sports Club

Optimising Communication at Your Club

Video Training

Checklists and Templates

Culture Audit Worksheet


Creating a Successful and Profitable Fundraising Event Worksheet

Marketing Your Club Through Social Media Worksheet

Delivering Club Objectives Worksheet


Here are just some of the resources available in Club Spot. To see the full list please register with your email for FREE access thanks to your Council, Peak Sporting Body or Government Agency.

15 years later I became the CEO of a large football/netball association and saw that the volunteers were struggling with the same challenges I had all those years earlier. So, after years of training in business, learning how to run organisations and how to empower people to achieve goals, I set out to create a place where volunteers could turn so that they never had to feel the way I felt ever again!

My Story.

When I was 20 years old I took on the role of Secretary at my cricket club. I loved my sport and club and was more than happy to help out.

Very soon I realised that I was lacking the knowledge and skills to fulfil the role and quickly looked for support. I looked to past committee members who had moved on with no luck and found myself at my University library searching for information on how to run a sports club. I couldn't find any resources to help me, began to hate my time at the club and became the self professed "World's worst sports club administrator".

The result for my club was a great deal of damage including a decline in memberships, disorganised administration, no volunteers, financial challenges, the community didn't know the club existed and in short a very poorly run club.

Steve Pallas (Founder of Sports Community)

Sports Community was created to bring together a group of like-minded people who wanted to help, support, nurture and train volunteers of sports clubs.